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Creating a beautiful and functional home is where it starts.  Bear Design offers services to clients to design the remodel of a home in part or in full to create the beautiful and functional home you want to live in or sell to others.  During the process I work with contractors to decide the best design based on the flow of the home, the budget, and the clients preferences.  If you have a renovation, a fixer, or are working to create a new space I am happy to assist.

I also have started offering services to design and install all of the pieces for rental properties in the Sarasota, FL area.  If you have a home and would like to discuss this option please reach out, offerings vary widely dependent upon your budget and style.  If you are a real estate agent or contractor I offer services for your clients and are happy to work with you as well.

The properties shown on this page reflect homes that I have worked with contractors to purchase, design, and sell in the Denver, CO and Pittsburgh, PA areas.  If you have a property or a client with a property in these areas or Sarasota, FL area I am happy to discuss how we might work together.


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